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I don't really have a big enough readership to have a legitimate "FAQ" section, but here are some things I would probably wonder about if I were reading this blog.

Feel free to ask me anything, either in comments or via email!

Why should I call you Sappho?
Sappho was an ancient Greek poet who lived on the island of Lesbos and wrote love poetry to her female lover. That's actually where the term "lesbian" comes from!  Here is a Wikipedia article about her. I think she's pretty awesome so I decided to steal her name for my pseudonym.

Why do you write under a pseudonym?
When I started my blog I was attending BYU, so it was not at all prudent to be really public about the whole "gay mormon" thing.  I also have a lot of family (including my own mother) who are very active on Blogger (the original location of this blog).  If they were to accidentally stumble across my blog, I wouldn't want to give myself away from the start.  (Although if anybody who knows me in real life reads a post or two on here, they would probably be able to guess that it's me. Other than my name, I don't really hide many details.)

Also it's kind of fun to have a secret identity.

How do you pick the other pseudonyms on your blog?
I just do.  Sometimes it's a play on that person's name, sometimes their physical appearance, sometimes it's an inside joke.  If they're reading, they know who they are.

Doricha is special, though. That's the name I use to refer to my girlfriend and is the name of the real Sappho's female lover. 

Where is the quote on your header from?
The real Sappho wrote it.  Neat, huh?

Why don't you update very often?
Because I'm lazy.

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